Channels of communication

  1. Make an appointment to see the class teacher involved in the problem/issue.
  2. If you are still unhappy, please speak to the Liaison teacher of the particular grade.
    Grade 1           Miss James
    Grade 2           Mrs Oosthuizen
    Grade 3           Mrs Horn
    Grade 4           Mrs Mocke
    Grade 5           Miss Ramlakan
    Grade 6           Mrs Pedro
    Grade 7           Miss Eshane

(Should the teacher in question be the liaison, please see the HOD)

  1. Should you feel the need to take the matter further, please contact the HOD of the particular phase
    HOD Grade R – 3        Mrs Lourens
    HOD Grade 4 – 7         Mrs Hattingh
  1. Should you still be unhappy, please consult with the Deputy Principal, Mrs Stockton.
  2.  As a final resort, you may make an appointment to see Mrs le Roux, however if the channels are followed the situation is generally solved before it gets to this stage.