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Gr R

The Gr R facility at Colin Mann School is a registered GDE facility, but finances are privately managed. Applications for Gr R open in April and close at the end of May, the year prior to enrolment in Grade R. The School Governing Body considers each application and makes the final decision. Due to the fact that the Gr R finances are run privately, no school fee subsidies are available in Gr R.

Gr 1 Enrolment
The GDE is continuing with the online application system for 2020. All parents/guardians interested in applying for Gr 1 in 2020 must apply online at http//: Only applications that have been submitted online will be considered. No hard copy application forms will be handed out to Gr 1 applicants.

Please note that an application is NOT an acceptance. Once the parent/guardian has applied online, all the required documentation must be submitted to the school within the allotted time frame stipulated on the webpage. Failure to do so may result in the application becoming null and void. All documentation submitted must be certified as true copies. The school is not able to make copies for parents/guardians.

Colin Mann School will only accept a Municipal Lights and Water account as proof of residence. Should a parent/guardian be renting a property, a legal lease from a registered letting agency or estate agency will be accepted as proof of residence. A downloaded lease (E.g. Horters) will not be accepted as proof of residence and neither will an affidavit from the SAPS or the landlord be accepted.

Any fraudulent documentation handed in will result in the application being disqualified and the child will not be accepted at the school. Should the School Governing Body find a document to be fraudulent, legal proceedings may be instituted against the person who submitted the application.

Grade 2 to Grade 7

The Gauteng Department of Education sets the policy for enrolment at Colin Mann School for Grade 1 – Gr 7. As per the current policy, application for enrolment opens in April 2016 and closes in May 2016. The GDE determines how many learners the school may accept. An application for admission is divided into two lists:

A Waiting List which accommodates learners who live in the area within 5 kilometres of the school; the learner whose parents work in the area within 5 kilometres of the school. Siblings of children already enrolled in the school. Parents who apply at the school work in the area are to submit a salary advice slip. The salary does not get taken into account,( it may be blocked out) but will simply prove employment. The school’s debt collectors do a trace on all A Waiting List applications to check proof of residence.

B Waiting List which records the names of children who do not meet the requirements for the A Waiting list. Parents whose applications fall onto the B Waiting List are encouraged to apply at other schools where they qualify for enrolment.

The waiting lists are submitted to the GDE District Office for ratification. Once the lists have been signed off by the official at the District Office, parents are notified as to whether their application has been successful or not. This procedure usually takes place at the end of June/July.