Department of Education – Colin Mann Primary School

Vision Statement

To ensure every learner in a global society does well at school and leaves our institution with the knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in adult life.

The Mission Statement

Colin Mann Primary School aims and strives to:

  • Be a centre of academic, sporting and cultural excellence where learners are empowered to think critically, engage constructively and contribute meaningfully to their local and broader communities.
  • Provide a supportive and caring environment in which each learner is encouraged to reach his/her full potential through the collaboration of skilled educators, supportive parents and enthusiastic learners.
  • Implement its long standing tradition and core values: Integrity, Respect, Dignity and Passion for Excellence.
  • Promote a culture of acceptance through establishing unity in our diversity through effective communication structures.


History of the School.

The school has a long history dating back to 1946, when it first opened its doors to 51 English speaking children after the Second World War. The school was named Lakeview Primary School due to its location in the Government Village across the road from the Germiston Lake where Ex-War volunteers were housed. The original school building was a military hospital erected for the Air Force.

Mr R.G. Williams was the first school principal and continued in this position until April 1952 when the school transferred to its new premises in 6th Avenue, Lambton. He was credited for taking the school to great heights, both academically and on the sporting fields and retired in 1975.

In 1976, Mr J.R. Whitlock was appointed Principal, a position he held for 23 years. Under his guidance, the school continued to go from strength to strength. Mr Duncan Ross succeeded as Principal in January 1993, and aided by an excellent team, continued building on the School’s proud traditions until his retirement in January 2013. The stability and guidance that these gentlemen provided over the years enabled new Principal Mrs Marina Le Roux in January 2014 to continue leading the dedicated staff and learners of our school in maintaining Colin Mann School’s excellence in all spheres of the school environment until her retirement in December 2018.

Colin Mann School is esteemed as one of the leading feeder schools for High Schools in the Gauteng area. In July 2019 we welcomed Mrs Lauren Murray as our new Principal. Mrs Murray brings with her a lifetime of sports experience on personal, family and school levels. Her passion for sport has witnessed immediate enhancements in our approach to coaching and has enlivened educators and learners alike. Mrs Murray has expressed the desire to create a school with opportunities for learners to excel on the sports, cultural and academic fields.

Our School Governing Body are also deeply involved in the school from cultural, sport to academic activities. They get to know our school culture and ethos and provide a strong financial environment for the school to maximise the important work of shaping the lives of learners entrusted to us in a most positive and comprehensive manner for the future.